Nala is a 15:8hh 25yo Thoroughbred. Her past is somewhat shady since we are unable to read her tattoo. We do know, however, she was a polo horse out of Miami, FL. She came to SEER by way of surrender from an individual who was unable to care for her due to personal reasons. With assistance from Second Chances Equine Rescue (Hinesville, GA) we were able to rescue and relocate her at SEER.


Currently, we are still getting Nala to her ideal weight and health. Since she does have some fairly serious joint and arthritis issues, putting her weight on is a gradual process and includes many supplements to keep her joints well lubricated during the process. Nala is yet another kind, gentle horse with her only personality issue being separation anxiety from the other horses. Since she is pastured with the other horses, this is only a problem during feeding time. She is an extremely slow eater so we are required to keep another horse within her view or she stops eating because she is so worried about where the others are when they are turned out after eating.

We have also come to the conclusion Nala was a fish in her past life! She spends the majority of her day in and around the pond swimming or splashing.


Until Nala achieves her ideal weight and her joint and arthritis issue can accurately be accessed, she will remain on sanctuary status.

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