Meadow is a 17hh, 13yo Percheron/Quarterhorse. She was originally rescued at the age of four from auction in Quitman, GA. SEER was able to take her in shortly after and get her on the road to health and training.

Meadow’s training primarily consisted of trying to keep her from laying down. Not one for physical work, she insisted on plenty of breaks to rest. How five minutes of playing Parelli games is work is beyond me, but to her it was exhausting! Once we learned how to get through the laziness, Meadow was wonderful to work with and was soon on the trail.


Presently, meadow is still great under saddle once you can convince her she wants to ride. She is as lovable as any horse could possibly be…but, she doesn’t know her own size. Even though she’s quite the large, graceless horse, she thinks she’s a dainty little teacup poodle.


Meadow currently has an adoption contract pending.

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