Flame is a 14:4hh 5yo Paint. Flame was initially a rescue of Second Chances Equine Rescue (Hinesville, GA). On their second attempt to pick up Flame, Second Chances contacted us for assistance trailering him. After two days of attempting to trailer, we decided to walk him the 15 miles to SEER…yes, walk him 15 miles.

Once at SEER, we began trailer training him. As the months went by and he was still completely terrified of the trailer, we decided to call in the assistance of Elizabeth Austin, a wonderful Natural Horsemanship trainer. She was able to get Flame comfortable enough to load and unload on the trailer. Soon after, Second Chances returned to bring Flame to their rescue location. A mile down the road, however, Flame decided to not like the trailer again, flung himself upside down, legs out the window and completely destroying the lead anchors of the trailer. This is when the decision was made Flame would become a permanent member of SEER until he was retrained and able to be adopted out.

More recently, Flame was chosen by a local doctor to become a member of his family. After many hours of attempting to convince Flame his new home would be great, he finally understood, trailered and enjoyed the wind in his mane as he made his way to his new home.


Currently, Flame is at his wonderful, adopted home.


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