Dakota is a 15hh, 21yo Quarab. She was the first rescue to be welcomed (long before SEER was formed). Dakota originally belonged to a family who all passed away in an accident. She remained on their property for over a month before someone realized she was there…unfed and uncared for. Prior to being moved to her current home, she was fostered for a month in Valdosta, GA.

Once relocated, we began the process of getting her back to health. Soon, however, we realized she was showing more belly than normal. We then learned while being fostered, she had been pastured with a stud paint. So, our first rescue soon became two when she foaled Brooklyn.


Presently, other than having the job as lead mare in the pasture, Dakota is a kind, gentle horse. She was trained utilizing natural horsemanship (Parelli) and is phenomenal under saddle. She has never felt a bit in her mouth and rarely feels a halter (unless ridden by someone other than Chris).


Due to her age and difficulty maintaining proper weight, Dakota is and will remain in sanctuary status. She will happily live out her days at SEER…consistently cared for and forever loved.

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