Daisy May


Daisy Mae is a 16hh 19yo Belgian/Quarterhorse. Daisy was originally rescued from auction in New Jersey after her stint of being an Amish work horse. She was rescued by a boarding/riding business in New Jersey. Once they began going out of business, however, Daisy’s care began to diminish.

Daisy made the trip from New Jersey to Georgia in 2014 where she began her recovery to normalcy. It was soon discovered, however, she would become one of the hardest keepers in maintaining proper weight. After testing, it was inconclusive as to why she was unable to maintain consistent weight.

Even with her constant battle to ensure she maintains a healthy weight, she is an extremely happy horse with the temperament of a gentle giant.


Currently, Daisy is on sanctuary status until a definitive diagnosis/remedy of her weight issues are discovered.

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