Charlotte (Franny)


Charlotte’s mother, Diana is a 14hh, 11yo Quarter Pony. Her past is quite unknown other than hearsay that she was used as a training horse for children. She is blind in one eye and, again, it is unknown how the injury occurred.

Diana was surrendered by her previous owner and was 11 months in foal at the time. We transported her back to SEER and began the process of getting her back to proper health. Other than a few minor vetting issues, our primary focus was putting weight back on her and getting the correct nutrients in her prior to her foaling.

A month after Diana’s arrival, Charlotte (aka Franny) was born! Although a bit thin, she was very healthy and full of character.


Both Diana and Charlotte were adopted by Raisin Cane where they will assist in educating over 20,000 patrons a year.

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