Bubbas is a 14hh, 2yo Quarterhorse/Arabian/Tennessee Walker? His breed is unknown because he can be quite confusing. At times he’s gated and other times he’s not. Regardless, Bubbas is a beautiful gelding! His past is just as confusing as his breed. Originally we were told he was found on the side of the road but, other sources say he was one of many horses seized from a ranch within the region.

When taken in, Bubbas was under nourished and in poor condition. His diet was so lacking in vitamins and nutrients he was extremely under weight and hadn’t even began to shed his winter coat. We began a vitamin and feed diet and he was soon on his way to recovery.


Presently, Bubbas is still in the process of putting on weight (making us think maybe he has some Thoroughbred?). He has been gelded and began his ground work training. Other than being young and enjoying getting the others riled up to play, he is quite a gentle horse and enjoys spending time with us.


Bubbas is adoptable. However, since he is so young and hasn’t been able to start his training under saddle, he is only adoptable to an individual who is highly experienced in natural horsemanship.

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