Brooklyn is a 14:2hh, 9yo Quarab/Paint. Brooklyn was foaled at SEER from Dakota, our first rescue who was unknowingly pregnant when we rescued her. Brooklyn is still with SEER because her training past was not consistent due to Chris being deployed constantly (before he retired from the Air Force). Additionally, Brooklyn was slightly bi-poler at times making her training progress even more difficult.
Even with her slight bi-poler issue, Brooklyn has always been “that horse” who always followed you around the pasture, head over your shoulder while you were working. When not showing out, she’s a sweet, kind horse that you just can’t seem to get enough of.


Since SEER has brought much younger horses into the pasture, Brooklyn has matured quite a bit. Her bi-poler issues have given way to her curiosity and eagerness to spend time with you…both in and out of the round pen. Even though she still, at times, assumes the position of lead mare when her mother Dakota is around, she has found and follows her place among the others easily.
Her training has improved as well. She is saddle broke and rides well in the round pen. Once her rein training is complete, she will begin trail riding on her own.


Brooklyn is adoptable. However, given her training difficulty level she is currently only adoptable to an individual who is experienced and proven in Natural Horsemanship training. Once we complete her training she will be adoptable to a less experienced individual. Feel free to contact us about adopting Brooklyn.

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