Flame's Story

Flame came to us by way of Second Chance Equine Rescue from Hinesville, GA. While attempting to rescue him, they were unable to trailer him. After a few days of our assistance as, we decided to walk him to greener pastures. With 15 miles between his original location and SEER, we were all determined to bring him home. Through the combined effort of SEER, Second Chance Equine Rescue and a dedicated Lowndes County Sheriff patrol, we were able to make the four hour journey on foot.

After months of training by SEER and volunteer Elizabeth Austin, Flame began loading willingly into a trailer. With that accomplished, Second Chance returned to SEER to bring Flame to Hinesville. Well…Flame failed to remind us he did NOT like being trailered until he was a few miles down the road. This is when and where he decided he no longer wanted to be on the trailer, ripped the metal hook securing his lead off the trailer, reared, bucked, managed to get his hind legs out of and back in the side window and took a few gashes to the head.

With this new behavioral information gained, SEER and Second Chance decided Flame would be safer remaining with SEER until he was either able to properly load and travel or able to walk to his new adopted home.

With an approved adopter awaiting Flame’s arrival, we started the day attempting to trailer him.  A lot of sweat and eight hours later, Flame was finally loaded and moved to his new home.