Faith's Story

Faith was brought and surrendered to SEER by a local individual.  She was close to about 300lbs under weight and was said to have a tack in her hove since she couldn’t walk on her rear right leg.  After cleaning her hooves and finding no tack, SEER’s vet was promptly requested to check her.  She was diagnosed with a locked patella.  With many attempts to unlock it, our wonderful vet took a video of Faith and sent it to multiple specialists.  It was a unanimous decision…it was determined the only course of action was to have it surgically unlocked.  Additionally, all of them believed there was more than simply a locked patella causing her issues.

We, along with Faith, made the trip to AVS Equine Hospital in Florida to see Dr Fisch.  Unfortunately, it turned out to be worse.  On top of Faith’s locked patella, she had a severely dislocated hip.  After much discussion with Dr Fisch, it was determined Faith’s recovery and ability to lead a normal, pain free life was incredibly slim.  Even with attempting to correct her hip, the chances of her recovery were minimal.

Faith passed over the Rainbow Bridge on 22 October 2015.  She was, however, loved and cared for during her final days.  Thank you to all who assisted with Faith!!!