About SEER

South Eastern Equine Rescue provides education, assistance and rescue within the equine community. Our services are rendered for neglected, abused, abandoned, surrendered or seized horses in addition to assisting horse owners in need.



Education is provided by way of offering general information regarding equine care and maintenance. Additionally, SEER offers in-depth equine health information as provided by University of Florida’s Large Animal Hospital College of Veterinary Medicine. One of our main educational focuses, however, is educating horse owners on the importance of gelding to ensure uncontrolled breeding doesn’t lead to more horses in need.


South Eastern Equine Rescue provides assistance physically and monetarily. Within our area of operation, SEER offers care/maintenance assistance to horse owners who may have fallen ill or are unable to care for their horses due to injury or surgery. Additionally, SEER offers training assistance to owners from general ground work to problem solving. Funding assistance is provided in a myriad of ways from assisting an owner in need with feed purchases to paying for the transport of a rescued horse on the other side of our nation.


One of our primary services is to provide pick-up, rehabilitation and adoption for neglected, abused, abandoned, surrendered or seized horses. SEER transports or assists in the transport of a horse requiring rescue. Horses are either housed on site or at a volunteer foster home pending adoption. During this time, they are provided with required veterinary care and training. Once they are healthy and appropriately trained, they are able to be adopted to a suitable home. Sadly, not all rescued horses are able to be adopted. Those who have recurring or persistent medical conditions are provided sanctuary to ensure proper care for the rest of their lives.


Jennifer is a long-time horse (and animal) lover with a passion for saving and nurturing all animals in need. As President of SEER, Jennifer is responsible for the daily operation of the organization. Her love of horses contributes directly to ensuring the utmost care is given and provides for an easy, natural bond with each and every one of them.


Chris is a long-time horse lover as well. His use of Natural Horsemanship lends directly to providing quality training and a trusting environment. As Director, Chris is responsible for the administration of SEER. Additionally, he is responsible for the design and development of all digital and print branding and marketing of SEER.


501(c)3 Non-Profit

South Eastern Equine Rescue, Inc. is registered as a non-profit entity with the state of Georgia and are an approved 501(c)3.

SEER is a 100% non-profit organization. This means every penny donated or raised goes directly to the care and maintenance of horses or the logistics of a rescue operation. SEER has NO paid employees…we operate on a 100% volunteer basis.